terms & conditions
  1. Hire Agreement

We enter into this hire agreement with you for the hire to you of the Vehicle, on the hire terms set out in the preceding pages of this agreement and below.

  1. Payment by you
  2. a) You must pay the Advance Payment shown in this agreement, on or before signing this agreement.
  3. b) You agree to pay us the Total Amount Payable (less any Advance Payment paid) by the instalments and at the times shown in this agreement. Any Option to Purchase Fee, included in the final instalment, is only payable if you want to become the owner of the Vehicle, as set out in clause 8.
  4. c) It is essential that you make all payments in full and on time (see clauses 10 and 11). If you pay by post, you will be responsible for any payment lost in the post.

Safekeeping of the Vehicle

You must keep the Vehicle safely at your address. You may not sell or part with possession of the Vehicle or transfer your rights under this agreement. You may only part with the Vehicle to have it repaired. You may not use the Vehicle as security for your outstanding debts or liabilities. You may not take the Vehicle outside the United Kingdom or use it for hire or reward without our consent.

  1. Caring for the Vehicle
  2. a) You must keep the Vehicle in good condition at your expense. You are responsible for all loss of, or damage to, the Vehicle even if caused by events beyond your control, except for loss or damage due to fair wear and tear. You must check the oil and water on a weekly basis.
  3. b) You must not let a repairer, or any other person to whom you owe money, keep the Vehicle as a result of your not paying the money you owe.
  4. c) You must make sure that any tests or inspections required by law or by the insurer are carried out.
  5. d) Unless we have consented in writing, you may not make any alterations or additions to the Vehicle (including fixing a personalised or non-original number plate). Any alterations or additions made without our consent will become our property.
  6. e) You must allow our representative to inspect and test the Vehicle at all reasonable times.
  7. We will make sure that the car we provide you is maintained to the highest standard. We will schedule 6 monthly services, 12 monthly MOT test’s and we will pay for the road fund licence (road tax) for the first 6 months of the hire. You will be limited to a 12,000 mile a year mileage allowance. We expect that you should check the oil and water on a regular basis and report to us any problems in a timely manner. The only things that we do not cover are Malicious Damage, Tyres, And Windows.
  8. Change of address

You must let us know, in writing, within seven days of any change of your address or name.

  1. Insuring the Vehicle
  2. a) You must insure the Vehicle and keep it insured at all times at your expense with a reputable insurer the vehicle must be insured to its full replacement value under a fully comprehensive policy against such risks as are ordinarily insured against. You must tell us and your insurer about any loss or damage to the Vehicle within 48 hours of the loss or damage happening, and whether you or anybody else will be making a claim against the insurer. b) You agree to hold in trust for us any insurance moneys you may receive.
  3. c) You authorise us to negotiate and settle any claim with your insurer; and to receive any moneys from the insurer under the policy. You may not withdraw this authority and you agree to accept any settlement we may reach with the insurer. You will still need to pay us any outstanding balance under this agreement. Unless we end this agreement pursuant to clause 11, this agreement will continue even if the Vehicle is lost or damaged. d) If you enter into this agreement for your business purposes, you must also obtain adequate insurance cover for employer’s liability, liability to third parties and liability for negligence and loss, damage or injury arising out of your use and possession of the Vehicle.
  4. Operator’s Licence

If the Vehicle is a goods vehicle: a) you must be licensed under the Goods Vehicle (Licensing of Operators) Regulations 1995,and b) you confirm that you hold a valid operator’s licence and agree to furnish us with a copy within seven days of the date of this agreement and at least annually following our request; (ii) agree not do anything which might result in the loss of that licence or which might result in the Vehicle being taken away under the Goods Vehicles (Enforcement Powers) Regulations 2001.

  1. Ownership of the Vehicle/Liabilities

We will remain the owner of the Vehicle for the duration of the Hire Agreement. You agree to indemnify us of any parking fines/PCN/Driving offences that arise during the hire period. your rights are only those of a hirer of the Vehicle.

  1. Your right to end the agreement

You may end this agreement by taking the steps set out in the notice ‘Termination: Your Rights’ shown in the agreement. You must then (at your own expense) return the Vehicle to us together with the registration document and MOT test certificate. You must also pay to us any further amount mentioned in the notice.

  1. Default interest and charges
  2. a) If you fail to pay us any amount you owe us under this agreement by the due date we may, in addition to our other rights, charge you default interest on that amount from the due date of payment until its receipt by us at the interest rate shown in this agreement, both before and after any judgment.
  3. b) You agree to pay to us any costs and charges shown in this agreement, which may become payable by you, and our reasonable legal and other costs for enforcing this agreement, including any payable to third parties acting on our behalf.
  4. Our right to end the agreement

11.1 We will be entitled to assume that you refuse to comply with the terms of this agreement and to end this agreement, after giving you a default notice, if:

  1. a) you break any of the provisions of clauses 2,3,4 or 6 of this agreement;
  2. b) you provided false information when entering into this agreement;
  3. c) the Vehicle is destroyed or treated as a total loss under any insurance claim;
  4. d) you entered into this agreement for the purposes of your business and you stop trading or, if you are a partnership, the partnership is ended or court action has commenced to end it.
  5. e) you have done anything which would allow any of your belongings, property, income or savings to be legally removed to pay off any of your debts; or
  6. f) any of the following happens:

(i) a statutory demand (that is, a written demand for payment of a debt of at least £750, which,

if not paid in full, may result in bankruptcy proceedings being brought against you) is not paid in 21 days, or any steps are taken by you or anyone else to declare you bankrupt;

(ii) you take steps to enter into an arrangement or debt management plan with your creditors.

(iii) a bailiff or other officer controls or seizes the Vehicle or any of your assets following a

court order; or

(iv) the landlord of premises where the Vehicle is situated threatens, or takes steps, to seize or in any other way control the Vehicle or any of your assets.

11.2 If we end this agreement, subject to your rights as set out in the notice, “Repossession:

Your Rights,” we may take back the Vehicle from you and you must pay to us:

  1. a) all instalments and other sums which have become payable by you to us under this

agreement, and

  1. b) the outstanding balance of the Total Amount Payable, less:

(i) any Option to Purchase Fee and any rebate of charges to which you may be entitled and;

(ii) any money we receive from selling the Vehicle after we have deducted the costs of recovery, insurance and storage.

  1. Exclusion
  2. a) If you are dealing as a consumer, as described in the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977, nothing in this agreement will take away your rights under the Supply of Goods (Implied Terms) Act 1973. (These relate to our holding title in the Vehicle, the Vehicle’s correspondence with description and the quality or fitness of the Vehicle).
  3. b) In all other cases:

(i) you must inspect the Vehicle and use your own skill and judgement to decide whether it is of satisfactory quality and fit for your intended purpose; and

(ii) we will not be responsible for the quality of the Vehicle or whether it is fit for its intended purpose, or whether it matches any particular description or specification. We will, however, procure for your benefit any manufacturers guarantee relating to the Vehicle.

  1. General
  2. a) In this agreement “Act” means the Consumer Credit Act 1974; “terms” include, without limitation, the Terms and Conditions. “Vehicle” means the Vehicle described in this agreement and includes any replacements, renewals and additions, to which we or any insurer may agree.

Words and expressions to which meanings have been given on page 1 shall have those meanings in these terms. Headings to clauses shall not affect the interpretation of any of the terms

  1. b) References to any Act or regulation include’s any amendments to that Act or regulation.
  2. c) If at any time we allow you to do something which is against any of the terms of this agreement, this will not prevent us from insisting that you strictly follow the terms and at any later time.
  3. d) If two or more of you have signed this agreement as the Customer, you are liable jointly and severally, that is together as well as separately under this agreement. This means that either of you can be held fully liable for the obligations of the Customer under this agreement.
  4. e) If you discharge part of your indebtedness under this agreement early we may, by written notice to you, vary the amount of the remaining instalments or the remaining duration of this agreement, which may also automatically result in increasing the APR.
  5. f) You may at any time request us to communicate with you by email. You must then provide us with an email address and provided we are practically able to do so, we will send you statements, documents, notices and letters (other than default notices) by email. It shall be deemed effective service if we write to you or email you at your address or email address last known to us.
  6. g) We may transfer our rights and responsibilities under this agreement to another person. This will not take away any of your rights or responsibilities under this agreement. You may not transfer any of your rights or responsibilities under this agreement to another person.
  7. h) English law will apply to this agreement. If you entered into this agreement in Scotland, words that are not in current use in Scotland will have their nearest equivalent meanings.
  8. When this agreement comes into force

This agreement will only come into force if and when you and we, or our authorised representative, have signed it.

  1. Rights of other people

Nothing in this agreement will give any person, other than you or us (or anyone who takes over from us or any person to whom we have transferred our rights under this agreement), any rights under this agreement.